Hazeltree is a powerful, proactive performance enhancement and risk mitigation system that streamlines your operation with enhanced collateral management, cash management and liquidity management, securities finance management, margin management and counterparty exposure and risk management tools to provide the capability to attract and deploy more financial capital without a commensurate increase in human capital.
  • Capture unrealized alpha
  • Reduce a Range of Risks
  • Streamline Operations
Capture unrealized alpha
small_service_icon_cature_alphaCapture Unrealized Alpha
Identify and capture unrealized alpha by managing counterparties from a single vantage point.  
  • Maximize lending revenue
  • Minimize borrowing costs
  • Optimize cash balances and rates
  • Optimize short/long financing
  • Monitor and optimize collateral
  • Discern market trends and price movements
  • Independently calculate and verify margin requirements
  • Sweep excess cash to safe liquid havens to free your counterparty’s balance sheet
Reduce a Range of Risks
small_service_icon_risksReduce a Range of Risks
Realize a single view across your counterparties, gain market intelligence, and capitalize on insight  
  • Provide complete counterparty transparency
  • Manage cash exposures across custodial accounts
  • Manage currency risk by knowing the positions, trades, and market movements
  • Minimize risks due to breaks in cash, positions, and transactions
  • Avoid overcollateralization and enhance liquidity
  • Facilitate compliance with escalating regulatory requirements
Streamline Operations
small_service_icon_streamline_opsStreamline Operations
Integrate treasury operations seamlessly with investment management    
  • Efficiently manage wires and securities movements across your counterparties
  • Manage counterparty data flows and quality control
  • Normalize data and deliver it through a single user interface
  • Maintain an audit trail and historical database