Hazeltree is flexible and modular, offering best-of-breed treasury management capabilities, including: collateral management, cash management, liquidity management, margin management, securities finance management and counterparty exposure and risk management, that can easily be deployed individually or in combination to fit your needs. Deployed in full, they become the industry’s most comprehensive integrated treasury management solution.

Each Hazeltree product helps our clients streamline operations, reduce risks and increase cost efficiency to capture unrealized alpha.

Hazeltree Cash Manager™

Hazeltree Cash Manager is a cash management solution that aggregates balances across your counterparties in one concise dashboard. Hazeltree Cash Manager delivers flexible analytics and rules-based “recommended actions” enabling you to move positions across counterparties to free up cash. Hazeltree Cash Manager includes full wire processing and approval workflow required and tracked prior to executing actual wires through available protocols, including SWIFT network, secure file transfer protocols and letters of authorization. This advanced cash management solution helps effectively manage cash across multiple currencies and includes FX hedging tools to suggest and aid in foreign exchange trades.

Hazeltree LiquidityWeb™

Hazeltree LiquidityWeb leverages Hazeltree’s cash management capabilities to give you a fully automated sweep process, seamlessly linking multiple PB/Bank accounts with Money Market funds. The solution provides rules-based cash optimization routines to initiate purchase and redemption sweeps, including automatic sweep suggestions based on pre-defined custom rules. Its key capabilities also include single-click coordination of all trade (subscription) and settlement (wires) instructions, client configurable approval workflows and electronic signatories and automated posting of all activities to downstream destinations, including: fund administrators and internal PMS or GL applications. Hazeltree Liquidity Web enables fund managers to move unencumbered free cash from their prime broker accounts to safe, liquid funds that enhance overall yield.

Hazeltree Private Markets™

Hazeltree Private Markets is a ‘purpose-built’ cash management and investor interactions platform that provides private markets fund managers with a better way to manage their cash and investor notices. General Partners benefit from operational efficiencies and controls, reduced risk and exposure, and greater performance opportunities. The key benefits include centralized cash and capital activity in a single treasury platform, unified referential data integrity in a ‘golden source’ repository, streamlined treasury operations with straight-through-processing, optimized and automated actionable recommendations.

Hazeltree Collateral Manager™

Hazeltree Collateral Manager gives you the clarity and analytical firepower necessary to correctly identify, analyze and value collateral. Hazeltree Collateral Manager aggregates your counterparty data along with your portfolio data to track and manage margin requirements across your counterparties. Hazeltree Collateral Manager lets you identify over-collateralized positions to effectively recall and redeploy your collateral. Additionally, this collateral management platform independently calculates margin requirements so you can compare to your counterparty margin calls, allowing you to respond to or dispute each. Hazeltree Collateral Manager handles all collateralized derivative products including listed, cleared, ISDA, ICMA, GMRA, FX options, interest rate swaps, CDs, equity swaps, swaptions and repos.

Hazeltree Margin Manager™

Hazeltree Margin Manager is a powerful margin management platform that aggregates your margin reports across your counterparties and effectively replicates each of your prime broker margin policies to independently confirm each margin call you receive. Hazeltree Margin Manager lets you verify, meet, and manage their margin obligations across your counterparties and brokers. With a more accurate and independent understanding of all of your margin positions, and more efficient support for your trading activities, it all adds up.

Hazeltree Securities Finance™

Hazeltree Securities Finance enables you to seamlessly manage stock borrow and lending rates, providing transparency across counterparties to assess current and indicative rates, manage your inventory, and reconcile your positions. Hazeltree Securities Finance lets you locate securities available from counterparties and compare rates to select the best projected revenue options. Hazeltree Securities Finance helps you understand true P&L by allocating borrowing costs to individual positions and integrate into your G/L. It also helps you manage short positions across prime brokers (general collateral and ‘hard to borrows’) as well as manage pre-borrow inventory. Hazeltree Securities Finance empowers you to optimize returns effortlessly.

Hazeltree Counterparty Metrics™

Hazeltree Counterparty Metrics reduces your counterparty risks by effectively tracking your assets across your counterparties and providing comprehensive counterparty exposure reporting. Hazeltree Counterparty Metrics enables you to effectively manage your counterparty relationships with a detailed scorecard that aggregates all interactions to transparently and easily compare prime broker costs by commissions, securities financing and net interest on a year-to-date, month-to-date and daily basis, balance sheet consumed, ROA and wallet share analysis.


Protect/enhance access to capital:

Deploy the tools today that will soon be required for continued favorable capital market relaitonships

Streamline operations:

Integrate treasury operations seamlessly with investment management

Reduce risks:

Realize a single view across your counterparties, gain market intelligence and capitalize on insight.

Capture unrealized alpha:

Identify and capture unrealized alpha by managing counterparties from a single vantage point.